Temenos, Inc. and Association

The idea of the Temenos is based upon Markopoulos’s original conception of the Filmmaker as the sole creator of a film in all its aspects, including its preservation and presentation. The Temenos foundation in New York and the Temenos Association in Zurich were inaugurated in the past decade to protect this idea of filmmaking in its most individual (personal) and non-commercial form by keeping the organic unity of such a filmmaker’s work intact. Its primary mission at this time is to maintain and present the
films created by Markopoulos and by Robert Beavers. It is restoring and printing Markopoulos’s final work, ENIAIOS, a total of more than one hundred films arranged into twenty-two cycles. The Temenos archives also provide access to the filmmakers’
writings and valuable data on their work. It is financed by contributions from foundations, private patrons, and friends in addition to income from screenings and exhibitions.

The historic early films by Markopoulos and the films of Robert Beavers have already received public recognition through their exhibition by various institutions, including N.Y. Film Festival 1996,1997,1999,2001; Toronto International Film Festival 2000,
Rotterdam International Film Festival 1999,2001; Istanbul Biennial 1999, and the Whitney Museum of American Art 1996,1999, 2000, 2002. The ideal setting for their films remains The Peloponnese.