How Filmmakers Stay Awake When Filming

Filming is not only tiresome but also exhausting especially for a filmmaker. Asa filmmaker, you will really find time rest during a shoot as most are the times you will be fully engaged. This is actually one of the jobs that will actually test the limits of your body. In fact, most people have described filming as not a walk in the park. This is simply because you will often find yourself in situations that will force you to shoot for long continuous hours without having to sleep. Although most people say you will get used to it with time to me that just an excuse for the brutality that comes with this profession.

However, this does not mean its a bad profession not at all. All you have to do its plan your self, make the right choices and just understand how to survive while giving your best as a filmmaker. For this reason, I will offer you with some simple steps that will really help you in this profession. Most new filmmakers will always ask me how I manage to stay awake while shooting for long hours. well to me it was not simple until I knew how to do it. The first thing you have to do is be mentally prepared. This basically means planning your shoot knowing what time you will need and planning through this you will be physiologically prepared. For instance, if you have to go for a shoot prepare a time schedule to guide you, through this you be aware of the time required to shoot therefore prepared for on what to expect. If you are mentally prepared chances are that your body will often prepare and as a result, you will not struggle to stay awake.

After planning you will need to compile the thing that you will need to help you during the shoot. For instance, if you are planning to shoot at night there are obvious equipment you will need, for instance, a strong lighting system. Besides if you are shooting for long hours chances are that sleep will not give you a conducive environment. Asa result, its always advisable to take some coffee. It has caffeine which can greatly help to boost your energy especially while filming. Moreover, it will really help you stay awake and still active. Another trick that really helps me is having the right meal for a shoot. Most nutritionist will always advise you to take meals that are not heavy but still healthy and energy giving. This is because if you take heavy meals chances are that you are making your body tired causing you to feel more sleepy. Asa result, I advise filmmakers not to take light meals. for me, I prefer having stuff such as salads.

In conclusion, I would advise filmmakers and those who aspire to be filmmakers to make the right choices during filming. This would be from their preparations to what they intend to use to boost their energy. Additionally, understanding the nature of filming profession will help you to use even just one simple step that will greatly be of help to you