June 29 - July 1, 2012

Temenos 2012

The premiere of the sixth, seventh, and eighth orders of Gregory J. Markopoulos’s final and culminating film, ENIAIOS, will take place at the Temenos site near Lyssaraia in Arcadia from June 29 through July 1, 2012.

The first five of the twenty-two film orders of ENIAIOS were presented at the same site in 2004 and 2008 to a group of spectators who had traveled from Europe, North & South America and Australia especially for the event. Screenings of ENIAIOS at the Temenos site will continue at intervals as the restoration and printing of the film moves forward.  Markopoulos wished to create a deeply personal and rewarding cinematic experience for his spectators. He chose the site near Lyssaraia, birthplace of his father, for its natural beauty and conceived the Temenos as a viewing space uniquely in harmony with the film as an instrument of philosophical and psychological revelation.  The spectator’s journey to the Temenos anticipates the more extraordinary journey that takes place in front of the projected film over three evenings. The serene pace and gradual development of the film allows the viewer to perceive his or her own emotions in dialogue with the filmmaker’s concentrated, fleeting images. It is what Markopoulos designated “the intuition space.”  Each screening begins with the setting of the sun and continues for approximately three hours under the movement of the heavens.  There is no charge for admission. Each film order is an autonomous part of ENIAIOS: it is not necessary to have seen the earlier orders to appreciate the power of VI, VII and VIII.

A small buffet for Temenos spectators will be served in the main square of Lyssaraia on June 28th, the evening before the first screening. Lodgings must be confirmed in advance (by May 10th) either for the limited number of rooms in the hotel and guesthouses in Loutra Ireas or the vicinity and for the campsite near the screening site. Requests for reservations should be made via mail@the-temenos.org. They will be answered with a definitive offer for lodgings and other details.

Robert Beavers




29 July 2011, 3pm
Gladstone Gallery
The Unfinished Film

Gregory Markopoulos: "Gammelion"


American Academy in Berlin

Thursday May 5th, 2011, at 7pm
P. Adams Sitney: Anna-Maria Kellen Lecture at the American Academy in Berlin with title: "The Markopoulos Temenos and the Poetics of Cinema".  In his lecture P. Adams Sitney talked about the poetics of Markopoulos’s visionary oeuvre and discussed his visual style via the example of the seven minute short movie Ming Green (1966), a paean by the filmmaker to his New York apartment.

Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)

Tuesday May 10th, 2011, at 7pm
Screening of Markopoulos's “Ming Green” and "The Illiac Passion".
Followed by a discussion with Robert Beavers about the Temenos and Markopoulos’s legacy. Organized by Maria-Cecilia Quadri, Gabriel Möhring und Burkhard Meltzer.


05-09 April 2011
Cinematheque Royale de Belgique
EXPRMNTL Robert Beavers
Retrospective of the works of Robert Beavers
in collaboration with the Courtisane Film Festival

Program 1
"Early Monthly Segments", "Work Done", "AMOR"

Program 2
"Plan of Brussels", "From the Notebook of...", "The Painting", "Winged Dialogue"

Program 3
"Wingseed", "Sotiros", "Efpsychi"

Program 4
"The Hedge Theatre", "The Stoas", "The Ground"

03 April 2011
Courtisane Film Festival
Artist in Focus: Robert Beavers
Robert Beavers's "Ruskin", "The Suppliant", "Pitcher of Colored Light"


Art Cinema OFFoff, Ghent, Belgium
14 March 2011
Program 1
Gregory Markopoulos's "Swain", "Flowers of Asphalt", "Eldora", and "Twice a Man"
with an introduction by Mark Webber

28 March 2011
Program 2
Gregory Markopoulos's "The Illiac Passion"


28 February 2011
Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY
Gregory Markopoulos's "Ming Green"

Saturday, February 19, 1:00 p.m
Museum of the Moving Image
Gregory Markopoulos: A Panel Discussion
The filmmaker Robert Beavers, who was Gregory Markopoulos’s companion for nearly thirty years and who directs the Temenos Association, devoted to the preservation and presentation of Markopoulos’s work, will present an overview of the Temenos Project, to place the screening of Eniaios in the context of the artist’s extraordinary vision. A panel of noted scholars, including Rebekah Rutkoff, Dr. Jeffrey Stout, and Richard Suchenski, will discuss Markopoulos’s work.

Saturday, February 19, 3:00 p.m
Museum of the Moving Image
Eniaios: Cycle Five
16mm print preserved by the Temenos Association

Preserved by Temenos as part of the Avant-Garde Masters Grant program administered by the National Film Preservation Foundation and funded by The Film Foundation.
Free with museum admission.



19-28 November 2010
Oesterreichishces Filmmuseum: Robert Beavers. Die Ausgestreckte Hand (The Outstretched Hand)
Complete retrospective of the works of Robert Beavers. A booklet was published on this occasion and it can be purchased directly from the Oesterreichishces Filmmuseum in this link.


03 October 2010
New York Film Festival, 'Views from the Avant-garde
'Walter Reade Theatre
Robert Beavers's "The Suppliant" - American Premiere


11 July 2010
Walter Reade Theatre, New York City
Program: Avant-Garde Film & Video 2000-2009
Robert Beavers's "Pitcher of Colored Light"


Double Negative, Montreal: "Early Monthly Segments", "The Painting", & "Pitcher of
Colored Light" by Robert Beavers

Malsehen Kino, Frankfurt a. M.: "Du Sang, de la volupté et de la mort" by Gregory J. Markopoulos


FilmSamstag in Tokio, Athenée Francaise, Tokio: "The Stoas" by Robert Beavers


Tate Modern, London: Queer Surrealism, "The Dead Ones" by Gregory J. Markopoulos & "Plan of Brussels" by Robert Beavers

Courtisane, Ghent: "Sotiros" by Robert Beavers

Early Monthly Segments, Toronto: "Early Monthly Segments", "The Painting", & "Pitcher of Colored Light" by Robert Beavers


Flexfest, Gainesville (Florida): "Ming Green" by Gregory J. Markopoulos & "Work done" by Robert Beavers

Temenos benefit screening, Warner Screening Room, MoMA, NYC.: "Eniaios IV, reel 2" by Gregory J. Markopoulos


Doc Film, University of Chicago: "Du Sang, de la volupté et de la mort", "Flowers of
Asphalt", "Swain" & "Sorrows" by Gregory J. Markopoulos


January 29 - February 3, 2009 at the Whitney Humanities Center Auditorium, 53 Wall Street and the Yale University Art Gallery

"My Hand Outstretched: Films by Robert Beavers"
This three-day visit will provide students and faculty at Yale with a rare opportunity to see a wide range of Beavers' films and to engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue with him about his work. Please email richard.suchenski@yale.edu with any questions. For a PDF of the flyer, enter here.

Schedule of Events:

Thursday, January 29
First evening film screening in the Whitney Humanities Center Auditorium with post-screening discussion.
Films will include Early Monthly Segments (1968-70/2002), The Stoas (1991-97), and The Ground (1993/2001).

Friday, January 30
Master's Tea at Saybrook College.
7pm: Second evening film screening in the Whitney Humanities Center Auditorium with post-screening discussion. Films will include Ruskin (1975/1997) and Pitcher of Colored Light (2007).

Tuesday, February 3
4pm: Presentation by Richard Suchenski on Robert Beavers' work at the Yale University Art Gallery beginning with a screening of Amor (1980).
Co-sponsored by the Yale Avant-Garde Film Colloquium, the Yale University Art Gallery, the Council on European Studies, and Saybrook College

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