My Favorite Woodworking Documentary

As much as I love watching films, whether it’s indie or mainstream, documentaries will always have a special place in my heart. While movies are pre-scripted, documentaries are captured as the story unfolds.

In an interview, Martin Scorsese mentions that there is a blurred line which separates the two. The difference lies in the impulse, whether to record or to interpret. But then again, there are times when both utilize the same idealism.

I came across a 10-minute documentary on Vimeo about a veteran and a master woodworker. The Ox is a Breakwater Studios original by the award-winning director Ben Proudfoot. The Ox was released in 2013, shortly after Ink & Paper came out. I’m an avid fan of Breakwater Studios before, primarily because of their distinct style in cinematography and musical score (of which is very rare in documentaries). I have forgotten about them for a while, but then something made me rekindle my love for their work, and that’s The Ox.

I have seen Collecting George Nakashima two years ago, which even got me to visiting The Toolsy in search for woodwork equipment. The documentary was so good it inspired me to make my own masterpiece. I guess that’s really the goal of art. It’s either to make you or break you.

However, as much as I admire George Nakashima, there is something about The Ox that captured me.

Eric Hollenbeck is the proud owner of Blue Ox Mill Works and Community School. They are a custom job shop specializing in woodwork for companies all over the US. Their workshop is very nostalgic. In fact, their newest machine was made in 1948, the year he was born.

Aside from being a woodshop, he created a home for the misfits, young boys who felt they have nowhere to go. Rejected by the norms, here, Eric gives them a second chance and to take pride in making something. Maybe that’s why it hits me. When you see something that you can relate to, it affects you deeply. When reality bites, you think that you are worth less than a hundo, it can be difficult to find the courage and step up. But having someone like Eric to uplift the spirits of these young children, somehow he was able to make their world a better place.

In an interview with Ben Proudfoot posted on Facebook, he was asked what he wants his audience to gain from it, and he replied:

“I can say that one of the most satisfying reactions for me personally is when people watch the film and say, “Gee! I really want to just go and make something with my hands right now!” I love that.”

How to Film a Meat Smoker Commercial

In this article, I will introduce the basics of how to film a meat smoker commercial, which isn’t as difficult as one would think if you break it down into different parts and take it one step at a time.
To film a meat smoker commercial, the first thing you’ll need is a meat smoker. The smoker should be clean and appeal to the target audience so those watching will want to purchase the smoker. A cheap electric smoker can be used as long as it gets the job done and successfully smokes the meat.
After the smoker has been chosen for the commercial, the location for the commercial to take place should be picked, too. The ideal place for the business to take place is outdoors on someone’s patio or porch as that’s where many people would keep a cheap electric smoker. Having the smoker somewhere where the buyer can relate to or envision it would be the ideal location. Most people would have their smoker outside their home where they can smoke meat in the comfort of their backyard. Having the cheap electric smoker somewhere like a store showroom would be less appealing as people aren’t smoking meat inside a store.
Another huge factor that should be included in the meat being smoked. The meat should also be shown in an appealing way to the target consumers. The meat should be juicy and make the consumer’s mouth water. The way the meat looks is another aesthetic component that can make or break the cheap electric smoker’s appeal. If the meat used is burnt or undercooked, this will also lower the chances of people purchasing the smoker.
After that, the “storyline” of the commercial should be established. Sometimes, the basis of the business ad is listing all the pros of buying the cheap electric smoker and like the inexpensive price as well as its ability to smoke meat. Another thing that should be thought of is the shots being used that will appeal to the target buyers. This could make or break the commercial, and as if the shots used don’t appeal to the target audience, they would be less likely to purchase the meat smoker.
Once all of these decisions are made, the commercial for the cheap electric smoker should be filmed. The commercial should be shot in as high quality as possible as something with lower quality will not be as appealing as one in high definition. Quality is important. Even if the product, the cheap electric smoker(, is reliable and performs well, if the production quality is low, people will not be inclined to make the purchase. As stated earlier, aesthetics are important when it comes to trying to sell products, and the quality of the commercial is included in that. Having lower quality shots might be cheaper, but will also shorten the amount of cheap electric smokers sold.
I hope that I have successfully explained how to film a meat smoker commercial for a cheap meat smoker. Remember, aesthetics are important when it comes to selling a product and that filming the commercial won’t be so tricky if approached one step at a time.

How Filmmakers Stay Awake When Filming

Filming is not only tiresome but also exhausting especially for a filmmaker. Asa filmmaker, you will really find time rest during a shoot as most are the times you will be fully engaged. This is actually one of the jobs that will actually test the limits of your body. In fact, most people have described filming as not a walk in the park. This is simply because you will often find yourself in situations that will force you to shoot for long continuous hours without having to sleep. Although most people say you will get used to it with time to me that just an excuse for the brutality that comes with this profession.

However, this does not mean its a bad profession not at all. All you have to do its plan your self, make the right choices and just understand how to survive while giving your best as a filmmaker. For this reason, I will offer you with some simple steps that will really help you in this profession. Most new filmmakers will always ask me how I manage to stay awake while shooting for long hours. well to me it was not simple until I knew how to do it. The first thing you have to do is be mentally prepared. This basically means planning your shoot knowing what time you will need and planning through this you will be physiologically prepared. For instance, if you have to go for a shoot prepare a time schedule to guide you, through this you be aware of the time required to shoot therefore prepared for on what to expect. If you are mentally prepared chances are that your body will often prepare and as a result, you will not struggle to stay awake.

After planning you will need to compile the thing that you will need to help you during the shoot. For instance, if you are planning to shoot at night there are obvious equipment you will need, for instance, a strong lighting system. Besides if you are shooting for long hours chances are that sleep will not give you a conducive environment. Asa result, its always advisable to take some coffee. It has caffeine which can greatly help to boost your energy especially while filming. Moreover, it will really help you stay awake and still active. Another trick that really helps me is having the right meal for a shoot. Most nutritionist will always advise you to take meals that are not heavy but still healthy and energy giving. This is because if you take heavy meals chances are that you are making your body tired causing you to feel more sleepy. Asa result, I advise filmmakers not to take light meals. for me, I prefer having stuff such as salads.

In conclusion, I would advise filmmakers and those who aspire to be filmmakers to make the right choices during filming. This would be from their preparations to what they intend to use to boost their energy. Additionally, understanding the nature of filming profession will help you to use even just one simple step that will greatly be of help to you

Films About Sports

You have sat down to watch that final sport between your favorite teams. Alternatively, you also want to watch the highlights of a game that you missed, the only way of this is when you get the best shot of the game. This is possible if you have the right equipment for filming. What are some of the best equipment to have to achieve this?

A tripod stand

All these equipment come in handy to make sure that you get the right film. At times the games are played in very harsh weather, that means that you have to make sure you get the right camera. Remember, the players do not wait for you to catch the action. You have to be swift and fast when catching up with it. In fact, you just need to have a tripod stand in a case where you have to film stationary object. It is important when the stands are made of rubber which will make sure that there is minimal friction.

You need to have both the photography and videography to make sure that you can film the game. This is not just the normal taking of videos. at times you just have to go back for some courses to learn professional photography. There are some of the complex filming functions that just need a specialist to handle them. You have to make sure that you are in the right position to film this.

What are some of the qualities you need to film sports?

You may be in a position which you just do not know how best to catch the function. You may be given a special place where you can take all the actions. The place is so crowded and you basically cannot get the best glimpse. This is the time your camera will come to your aid. You must make good use of the complex function available on the camera to make sure you still film the sports action. It would also be great if you can do pre-filming of a photoshoot of sports equipment that you can use for the film. Check out PPG if you are looking for sports equipment.

You will not be able to get a glimpse of all the sports action when you stand at a specific point. You must be able to bend, squat, and even lie flat on the ground to get that perfect film. There is a lot that goes around behind the scenes to get that spectacular film.

Sound mind
This is a game which really needs thinking. You will not be able to withstand long standing hours, not just when there is a game. You have to come earlier and set up as well as test all the functionality of the equipment if they are perfect.

Good health
Bottomline, you just have to be healthy to film. Otherwise, you will even collapse. The best way of getting this capture is to make sure you eat right and stay healthy. That means that you will have a healthy weight which you can easily manage. Otherwise, you might collapse while filming.

This is not an activity for the faint-hearted. You just have to sacrifice your sleep and even social life to make sure people have the best shot.

How Digital Marketing Can Help in Film Preservation

Have you ever thought of having those old film that you wish you can watch over and over again? You may have it in the storage device but if you lack the specific device then it may be a dream come true. Currently, what you have now if you store it in the correct way you will still have access even years to come – thank technology.

As a filmmaker for you t make sure that you will still access the film even in the years to come. The marketing automation toolkits which is the main platform for digital marketing has a way in which it stores the information for future access. Have you ever got to a point in which you lost all data but you can access it from the email campaign which you had sent at that time? The applications use cloud storage which comes in handy to ensure that you will be able to access it despite the location. The only requirement is that you just have to have a stable internet connection. Look at Gedling’s review which will give you an overview of what this storage is all about.

Long gone are the day in which you have to carry a flash is all over if you have to access data What if the drive gets lost? or just it cracked and can no longer be used? This is the time you will appreciate technology in film preservation. If you want to get a camera or a video which you had over the year, as long as you have the right device. You will still get it as it is if you had stored it correctly. We still have the black and white film which is a clear indication of how technology can help in preservation.

At the same time, you can still maintain the quality of the films but use modern technological tools to store the information such that it can still be used for future generations.

How will our children know what we went through in our earlier days? It is nothing theoretical, you have to explain this in practice. The content marketing feature in a digital marketing tool comes in handy to preserve all the information. The internet never forgets, as long as the website is still active and also the information is intact you will still be able to access it. Although it might not be ranked among the best because of the keyword simulation, the bottom line is that you will still find it

Digital marketing is the norm of dissemination of information. You have to use it to your advantage, even in the current digital market, we will still have a way in which you have both the old and new technology. New things come up on a daily basis and the old ones become null and void. However, you will notice that depending on the location you will still have a way in which you will use the so-called old digital tools.